Barrow – Roa Island

Roa Island
Barrow in Furness

LA13 0QQ
United Kingdom

A shallow shore dive with an abundance of sea life.  We usually dive this site, entering the water one hour before low water on a neap tide, and aim to be out of the water by low water.  This is to avoid strong currents.

Getting there and Parking

The post code LA13 0QQ or What3Words should get you there.  Park on the roadside as close to the end of Piel Street as you can.  If there is no roadside parking available, there is a small car park a little way back up the road here  Car parking is free of charge.


Roa Island Jetty

There are public toilets on Piel Street.  Also a fish & chip shop and ice cream!

Dive Site Access

We access the water from the jetty at the end of Piel Street.  Your Dive Manage will brief you, but we usually dive to the right (west side) of the jetty, staying in shallow water close to the shore (less and 10m) to avoid deeper water in the channel where there could be boat traffic.

Diver Proficiency

Suitable for all grades of qualified divers.

In the Water/Special Equipment

An SMB would be useful if you have one.  At the very least you could carry a DSMB.  Also essential to take a line cutter and/or knife.  A torch is also essential as visibility can be poor.

The sea bed is fairly flat and covered in cobbles, pebbles, sand, seaweeds and sponges.  If you look closely there is an abundance of marine life including crabs, starfish, sponges, anemones, sea squirts, fish, lobsters, nudibranchs, whelks etc.

Site Specific Hazards

Possibility of strong currents if the timing of the dive isn’t right.  Boat traffic in the deeper water of the channel.  The small Piel Island ferry regularly comes to the jetty on the east side, so diving to the west side should avoid this.  Fishing line is a possibility.  It’s difficult to exit the water back onto the jetty.  If exiting onto the shore, the cobbles and pebbles are often covered in seaweed and can be slippery.

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