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Scuba Diving trip with Lunesdale ClubAre you looking for a club environment to enhance your diving? 

Lunesdale is a BSAC diving club that welcomes divers who have trained with other accredited organisations.  If you have qualified with another recognised organisation (e.g. PADI, NAUI, SAA etc) then you can dive with the club to the equivalent BSAC grade, subject to the Dive Officer’s approval. 

We also offer a crossover scheme so that you can put your current qualifications towards a BSAC grade if you would like to.  We have a strong, in-house, instructor team.  Our training is BSAC based so if you wish to advance your training through us you will need to join BSAC, and do a crossover course but, otherwise it is not compulsory to join BSAC.  Non BSAC members must have an appropriate 3rd party diving insurance.  If needed, information is also available from BSAC on BSAC grades and the procedures for qualified divers joining BSAC.

 Lunesdale has lots of local knowledge and years of diving experience within the club if you need a bit of advice, or just want to dive with like minded divers.

We run weekly local dives and multiple trips in the UK as well as trips abroad. Lunesdale owns it’s own RHIB, which is used on many of our weekend trips to the Scottish Lochs, North Wales, The East Coast and beyond.

Join us now, or contact us for further information.