The club runs courses for Ocean Diver, Sport Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver grades, as well as several Skill Development Courses (SDCs).

If you want to sample what it feels like to use SCUBA you can book a Try Dive in the swimming pool.

The club runs further BSAC training on an ‘as required’ basis.

The Ocean diver is the BSAC entry level qualifiction. It consists of 5 pool sessions, 5 open water lessons, 6 theory lessons, a revision session and a theory test. This is the basic diving qualification and allows ocean divers to dive up to 20 metres with other club members of ‘Sports Diver’ and above qualification. There are guidelines to allow ocean divers to dive together but only to depths undertaken and within their own experience. This should however not be seen as the norm and they should receive approval from the Diving Officer.

Usually our Ocean Diver training starts in the autumn months, depending upon demand. Theory and pool instruction takes about 6-8 weeks, with 5 open water training dives required following this. At the moment within Lunesdale, the minimum age we can normally train for diving is 18 years old, however if a parent or guardian is also learning with us, we can teach from 16.

Sports Diver qualification consists of 6 theory lessons and a test which gives a greater knowledge of anatomy and physiology and diving conditions, and 5 open water lessons leading the diver to be self sufficient in the water and the ability to dive with other ‘Sports Divers’ to progress to a depth of 35 metres, having the knowledge to do this safely. The club teaches ‘Sports Diver’ grade as and when its needed.

Dive Leader qualification consists of 12 theory lessons and assessment and 7 open water lessons which give a knowledge &  assessment of dive leadership and rescue skills. Dive leaders can dive up to 50 metres, the maximum depth for BSAC divers and can lead newly qualified divers to allow them to gain experience in a variety of conditions. The club teaches ‘Dive Leader’ grade as and when its needed.

Advanced Diver qualification consists of 6 theory lessons and assessment and 2 open water lessons in rescue skills and dive management review. Some elements of the Advanced Diver course require an Advanced Instructor to deliver. This course will be run when there is a demand. Once qualified, Advanced divers can plan and run club expeditions.

Navigation Training
Diver Training
Sports Diver theory training

The club also runs boat handling and Diver Coxswain courses on an as required basis. This allows club members to have the skills and knowledge to safely drive the club boat during diving operations.

BSAC offer courses in diver instruction which can be accessed through the branch. The Club currently has 4 nationally qualified instructors and 4 assistant instructors and we are planning to send further club members for instructor training.

If you are interested in booking yourself in for training, please contact us.