Meet the Team – Our Committee and Instructors

Our elected committee meet regularly to ensure that the club remains active, operates within BSAC’s guidelines, and fulfils the needs of members. 

Many other members play an important role within the club such as our Dive Leaders who take responsibility for organising individual dive meets, and our wonderful instructors who ensure that all who wish to, continue to learn and progress their qualifications.  

Those who have chosen to appear on our website are featured below, in no particular order.     

Marie Whittaker  
Diving Officer and Instructor

Marie Whittaker

I began diving in 2012, when my husband and I learnt to dive on our honeymoon in the Maldives. Having that as my first experience of diving was amazing and for a year or so I couldn’t imagine diving in the cold, dark UK waters.

Here we are 11 years on and now UK diving is a huge part of my life, with Lunesdale Sub Aqua Club being the centre of it all.

I am very pleased to take on the role of Diving Officer this year, following in the footsteps of many previous DO’s who have helped to develop a great little club with a good balance between safe diving, developing our members and most importantly enjoying our Diving. I look forward to continuing the process.

Nigel Watson.  Instructor

Nigel Watson
I learnt to dive with BSAC in 1999 by attending my local club branch.  I found support within that club invaluable; training was methodical and at a pace which suited my learning.  There was always someone available to take me through the various skills and I quickly came to implicitly trust my instructors, a number of whom became long standing friends.  For me, not having loads of money at the time, the BSAC Club training provided excellent value for money.

My passion is diving wrecks and I tailored my diving in that direction by completing an Advanced Trimix course.

In 2019 I decided perhaps it was time I gave something back to BSAC and I qualified as an instructor.

Anne Elliott

Anne Elliott

I’m qualified as a Sports Diver. I have been a member of Lunesdale Divers for about 7 years and have dived some fantastic locations over that time.

My favourite diving area is St Abbs in Southern Scotland, as the scenery and wildlife there is wonderful.

Adrian Willan

Adrian and Debbie Willan

My first introduction to diving was a try dive on our wedding anniversary holiday in the warm clear waters of Rhodes that was in 2014 and we have never looked back ….

Myself and my wife joined Lunesdale Divers in 2015 as PADI A.O.W. divers.  Years on we have now progressed to deeper, darker, colder diving in the UK and we’re both still very involved with the club.

Cath Lee.  Communications


I joined the club in 2019, but have been diving for much longer.  For the few years immediately prior to that, my diving had been really restricted to just holidays abroad, so I was pleased to take up the opportunity of some refresher training for UK diving from the wonderful instructors at Lunesdale Divers.

Since then I’ve enjoyed the many aspects of ‘club life’, especially the opportunity to dive at many different sites with like-minded people.

Alf Yates
Treasurer and Instructor

Alf Yates

I’ve been diving for many years and been an Instructor since 2003. I really enjoy seeing trainees develop their diving skills and become confident and safe divers.

I have been a member of the Lunesdale Club since 2019. I was attracted to the club because it offers the opportunity to dive with friends in a wide variety of locations, both locally, in the UK and abroad. One of the attractions of Lunesdale Club was its commitment to going diving safely and supporting all its members with training to develop their skills to enable them to extend their confidence and diving skills.

I’ve been lucky to dive all over the world. Its hard to choose a favourite dive location but for me diving off the west coast of Ireland was fantastic for the sheer variety of dives and superb visibility. Wrecks, sea-life, drifts and caves. My single most memorable dive was in the west of Scotland near the island of Coll which involved diving alongside a massive Basking Shark in gin clear water.

Claire Chapman.
Membership Officer

Claire Chapman.  Membership Officer

I joined the club in 2021 having had a 20 year hiatus. It’s good to be back in the water, and diving with such a friendly bunch of people.

There’s always someone up for doing something, and a wide range of trips organised, both in this country and abroad which is fantastic.