Coniston – Bailiff Wood

Coniston - Bailiff Wood


Bailiff Wood
LA21 8AD

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Bailiff Wood is a great dive site with a wide range of features and depths to suit most divers.  The sights to find at this popular dive site include a bath, toilet and various gnomes, as well as a memorial.

Getting there

LA21 8AD (This will get you to roughly the right area only)
Follow the lane on the east shore of Coniston lake. If heading north, go past Rigg Wood car park and Bailiffs Wood is the next car park, to the east of the lane. If heading south Bailiffs Wood car park is about one mile south of Brantwood.


Free. Limited parking – 12 vehicles, so aim to be relatively early at weekends.


None. You will need to be able to kit up out of your car or take a bench with you. Mobile phone signal is sketchy in the immediate area.

Dive site access

Short walk on and across road, look out for traffic and cyclists. Easy access to shore, fins on by prominent rock and back out into the water.

Diver proficiency

Suitable for all levels of qualified diver.

In the water

The site has a platform at 6-7m with a cliff to the west of the entry point dropping sharply to 28m with a further more gentle slope to 35m, by swimming 100-150m west 40m can achieved.

Pike, winter char, eels and trout are often seen, particularly around the bath!

A torch is essential at all times, as Coniston is a very dark lake.

There is boat traffic along the lake, so a DSMB should be carried to deploy if coming to the surface in anything but very shallow water.

Bailiff Wood Dive Site Plan (by Rob Whittaker)
Bailiff Wood Dive Site Plan (by Rob Whittaker)

Site specific hazards

Road traffic, boating traffic, currents possible in strong winds.

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