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Our Pre-Christmas club social event.  Venue and time to be confirmed.

What is an escape room?

The experience consists of being locked in a room for 60 minutes. The only way to escape is by working as a team to solve a series of clues, riddles and puzzles. Each room has an individual theme with a concurrent story-line, and is brought to life with set designs, props, animatronics and sounds. Guaranteed to be the best way to spend an hour.

Who plays the games?

Teams are made up of couples, friends, families, groups or parties. The experiences are great for team building or corporate events testing communication and teamwork. We also offer food packages for birthday’s, team buildings or any occasion!

How many can play in each room?

The minimum players per room is two, with the largest room being able to accommodate up to 8 players. The more that play the lower the cost of the room!

Is any room better for me?

Do you like analytical thinking and mind puzzles? Then Antidote is the game for you. Using your brain to piece together the clues to help save your lives and choose the correct medicine.

If an immersive experience with fiendish mysteries is what your after then Escape the Noose should be your choice. Prepare to be taken back into the 17th Century in your bid for freedom.

If your choice is more physical and game based, then look no further than The Cutting Plant. It will be a true test of co-ordination, guile and teamwork. Please note sensible shoes must be worn for this game.
2 People – £44 (£22 each)

3 People – £60 (£20 each)

4 People – £72 (£18 each)

5 People – £85 (£17 each)

6 People – £90 (£15 each)

Not open for bookings yet, but please register an interest with Becky via WhatsApp.