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Complete beginner?
Why not book a Try Dive and if you like it, sign up for our next Ocean Diver Course. Try Dives are reasonably priced at around £20 a go of which £10 is discounted from your membership fee if you choose to join. To book, please contact our Membership Secretary,  Marie
Already Trained?
Lunesdale is a BSAC diving club that welcomes divers who have trained with other accredited organisations. If you have qualified with another recognised organisation (e.g. PADI, NAUI, SAA etc) then you can dive with the club to the BSAC equivalent grade, subject to the Dive Officer’s approval. Our training is BSAC based so if you wish to advance your training through us you will have to join BSAC and do a crossover course but, otherwise it is not compulsory to join BSAC. Non BSAC members must have an appropriate 3rd party diving insurance.If needed, information is also available from BSAC on BSAC grades and the procedures for qualified divers joining BSAC.

NOTE: You should be reasonably fit and in good health to use any form of SCUBA equipment. In a few cases it may be necessary to take a diving medical before commencing diving or practical training using compressed gas. For more information see BSAC’s medical section. If in doubt contact our diving officer, or training officer, in confidence. Dependant upon your level of qualification, responsibilities taken, or position held within the club, you may be asked to complete a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check.